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SugarCRM Services From Baselinesales

Having used many enterprise CRM applications for many years throughout my sales career, I am consistently amazed at the awesome simplicity and power of SugarCRM.

SugarCRM has scalability unlike other CRM systems. Whether you are a sales team of 1 or 10000 SugarCRM is scalable to your business size, scope, processes and markets.

At the core of Sugar is an excellent user interface which drives higher CRM usage within an organisation. It is very simple and easy to use - and fast. Steps do not need to be convoluted and with an easy administration portal, workflows and fields can easily be altered to speed up data entry cycles to reduce the amount of entry required by a user.

Our SugarCRM customers are consistently telling us that this is the easiest and most powerful CRM system that they have ever used. Unlike many other systems, the return on investment for SugarCRM is extremely quick. In one example with a sales force of 20, SugarCRM was configured and deployed in less time that it took a competitor to provide the customer with a quotation.

In the current climate - speed and agility are key to business success. At the core of this for an organisation is having a CRM system that is agile and easily customisable to face market headwinds and weather this period of uncertainty and doubt. Having a CRM system which manages key customer relationships, assignment of tasks, activities and market intelligence is absolutely crucial to ensure customer retention. When you combine this element with an excellent campaign module and opportunity tracking features, SugarCRM provides the scope for sales success across customer acquisition and retention.

So - whether you are an organisation with 1 or 10000 sales staff - SugarCRM is scalable, adaptable and agile to meet your business requirements. Further - Sugar will be adapted to meet your business processes and not the other way around which has been the norm within the CRM industry for many years.

The customer journey to CRM commences with understanding the sales processes of the organisation and mapping those to SuagrCRM to enable a faster execution of the sales process. With detailed reporting and analytics in-built SugarCRM provides business managers with the visibility required to lift conversion ratios and sales activities to reach the required target levels.

SugarCRM Services from Baselinesales Consulting brings to life market leading software across lead generation, account management and customer experience to increase your bottom line. We leverage SugarCRM to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction for our clients by integrating marketing, sales, service and support.

We put customers at the heart of your systems to improve efficiency and optimise customer life-cycle management.

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